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First BBQ for 2019 – 2020 Season

What a great night it was! With a two hour Happy Hour, over forty bowlers attended, and the sausages (free) sold out. Next week we will order more !!

The Saturday Spinning Wheel was an enormous success; our first winner was an excited Kenny, who was lucky enough to spin the $200 prize.

What is it that they say about the luck of the Irish !!

                 Kenny celebrating a $200 win                                                Ray cheerful winning $20

Green Upgrade

The old grass has been removed and being replaced with Tiff grass. 

Members are reminded that they can practice at Toorak Bowling Club at any time.  If attending the club before 3.30pm, you should ring first to see if it is open (phone 9827 4178).  If possible, members should try and maintain our pre-existing TEC practice routine on Thursday afternoons from 4.00pm.  If you wish to practice at any other venue by private arrangement, we also encourage you to do so.  The important thing is to maintain your practice regime.


There is no practice arrangements for TEC members at Caulfield Park Alma.

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